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The Rebranding Journey

The process of eFFiRaia Luxury's rebranding begun from a simple idea I had for my daughter, Kayene Tabina that's currently sitting in Year 10 of her IB MYP years. She's currently doing the rebranding of eFFiRaia Luxury for her Personal Project; in which is briefly a project that has to be done in 8 months by every Year 10 students in the International Baccalaureate.

The past years of eFFiRaia, I spent exploring the luxury brand world without any of my daughters support or knowledge. But after a while, she got into the same things I like, become passionate about Hermes and Chanel, and she become one of my partners in selling and consigning luxury goods. I was amazed on how passionate she grew into the luxury brand industry.

During the early start of the Personal Project era, my daughter and I had a discussion about the idea of her project. Since my daughter is highly interested in marketing and public relations, I told her about the brief story about what I want my brand to be in the next year. Immediately, as I expected, she agreed to what I had in mind, and we planned out her project in "rebranding" my brand right then and there. Her goal for her Personal Project was to re-create eFFiRaia's brand image; in which is according to the owner herself, which is how I want people to view my brand.

Kayene and I started discussing on the possible actions that could be executed in order to start creating small changes that matters to eFFiRaia Luxury's customers. We thought that creating a new set of brand identities including a new logo, business card and shopping bag design as well as promoting a new e-commerce website that we developed as a part of my project can make people think that, "Oh! eFFiRaia Luxury now is a highly trusted brand that treats their products well and has a great customer service. Highly trusted."

So for the past 6 months, both me and my daughter has been working so hard to promote the new concept of eFFiRaia Luxury through different ways; including choosing an appropriate color scheme for the logo, planning specific marketing strategies for the top customers, and many more.

eFFiRaia starts from it's smallest circle, working it's way through it's most loyal customers, making them spread the word about the current journey eFFiRaia Luxury is going through. eFFiRaia Luxury hopes through this short post that in the near future, we can provide you with the most effective luxury goods e-commerce shopping experience that will also entertain you through our one-on-one personal blog posts that will tell you insights about our brand, and also to educate you further about the things YOU need to know about the top brands you are buying at eFFiRaia Luxury!Happy holidays!Best regards, Effi Rachmanto x Kayene Tabina
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The Rebranding Journey
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